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PERSONAL Journey   

Sophie Balmary The imaginarium Abandoned Benevolence spirit of the place old mirror old gilt frame gilt tapestry decrepit presence invisible whispers Artistic approach Mystery Mysterious Presence Alive Life Art painting Fine art photography Fine art print Limited print Numbered print BIENVEILLANCE chateau manor house abandoned Sophie Balmary The human life imaginarium
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Sophie Balmary The imaginarium Abandoned inhabited broken armchair ancient spirit of the place presence invisible whispers artistic approach Mystery Mysterious Living Life Art painting Fine art photography Fine art print Limited edition Numbered edition INHABITED chateau manor abandoned house Sophie Balmary The imaginarium human life reside

A door slamming

Footsteps going hurriedly downstairs

The laughter of a child

Tea time has just come


My fascination for faded, worn, or outdated objects started a long time ago, in my early teens...

An old worn watch, an oxidised jewellery, a chipped breakfast cup or even a cracked plate: simple everyday objects telling me a thousand stories and constantly inspiring my child imagination.


The years went by, but this fascination has never left me: an antic mercury mirror spotted by time, an old collapsed and shabby leather armchair, a dilapidated painting...

I constantly imagine the silent memory of all those objects that have been used, or still being used, unfailingly, in our daily lives, generation after generationhome after home : always loyal mates, sometimes consolers of our pains and sorrows, such as the loss of a beloved, or simply sharing our daily joys and our fleeting blisses.

Also simple silent and resigned witnesses of technological progress that is inexorably modifying our society, they are, very often relegated to the gray areas of our lives until being ineluctably doomed to oblivion.


Today, photography allows me to express this fascination, to bring the emotions that overcome my dreams to life and why not also, to offer foods for thoughts on human condition and on his relationship with time passing. 

Once upon a time,   L' imaginarium

The imaginarium Sophie Balmary illustration Iris Durand illustrator illustration of a blue bird that expresses dreams and freedom of the soul
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